Doxees: Maret 2013

Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Bored To Be Employees???

For those of you who have all professions as employees certainly never crossed my mind as well: "I'm bored, bored, disgusted as employees". Syndrome is tired of being an employee is usually reinforced by working in an office environment that is less conducive. The work environment is not conducive of the more common is the disharmony between subordinates with superiors (boss / manager).

So what if it were so?

Hmm, most people since Indonesia is small through doctrines oriented education profession. For example, in our day kindergarten or primary school there is always the topic of school lessons about ideals. Here the teacher usually starts with a question: "Tomorrow if the want to be???" and usually this rhetoric to see the response from all the students who just stare and this is where it happens doctrine "Want to be an engineer? doctor? pilot? ...". And since then had children in Indonesia are always obsessed with one particular profession into their dreams from childhood.

As a result, people who have become bored because the employee is actually a profession that they achieve now is a dream that may not be apparent in harmony with their conscience.

Well, picture this mindset change is written by RT Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The core of the book is the difference in mindset between the employee and an employer. Although the book is likely to lead to capitalism, but the plus side is we realize that this is the doctrine that happen.

So, the solution that got tired of being an employee is not necessarily out of your current job. Of course, while you build your business to employees in advance so that you have the cashflow quadrant with a flow that never dies. Even Indonesia, namely financial planning experts Senduk Safir, had issued tips in one of his tweets about the bottom line: "You should stop as an employee if you have a side business income tripling your income."

However, I personally opine that the employee is a form of self-actualization of the personal interests of the science of formal / non-formal to a certain field (which should really loved) while entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) more towards the actualization of one's financial intelligence.